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Travel Logistics

Below we describe some of the options to get to Las Caletas Lodge from the San José area. Please let us know which options you choose or any special needs that you may have so we can coordinate all the arrangements. Please note that access to Las Caletas is by boat only. We advise you to wear water shoes and shorts. Most of the domestic flights leave early in the morning, so your international flight would need to arrive very early in order to be able to make the entire trip in one day. If you are unable to arrive early enough it may require an overnight stay in San Jose. If so, we can recommend you a nice B & B close to the international airport.


By car

You can drive from San José to Sierpe where you can park your rental car in a secure parking for US-$ 6/per night. This drive takes about 5 hours on well maintained roads (Hwy 27 and 34). We will pre-arrange the boat for you. You should arrive to Sierpe around 11 am in order to get the boat at 11:30 am. Departure from Las Caletas to Sierpe is at 7:15 am.

By private van

We work with "Transportes Turisticos Suwit" for reliable and safe transportation services throughout the country.

By shuttle

We can arrange a shuttle transfer from Manuel Antonio–Dominical–Uvita to Sierpe for you.

By plane

The quickest way to get to Drake Bay from the airport in San Jose is by plane to either the Drake Bay or Palmar Sur airstrips (approx. 45 minute flight). We recommend flying with SANSA airline www.flysansa.com. SANSA offers direct flights with a modern fleet from a terminal right next door to the international airport, and is a great option if you have a tight connecting flight. We recommend flying in to Drake Bay and out via Palmar Sur. This way you won't miss the beautiful boat ride through the Sierpe river mangrove swamps. You can book the SANSA flight through our website http://www.caletas.cr/en/where-you-can-find-us/how-to-get-here.html . Just choose the option “Nacional” to take advantage of the special hotel discount. NATURE AIR is located at Pavas airport, a 30 minute drive from the international terminal.

  • Local transfers from the Drake Bay airstrip: We will have our taxi driver “Delfín” pick you up at the airstrip for the 15 minute drive to the small town of Agujitas (Drake Bay). From there, it is a 10 minute boat transfer to Las Caletas.
  • From the Palmar Sur airstrip: We will have our taxi driver “Reinier” drive you the 20 minutes to the small river front town of Sierpe. From the dock, the boat will take you down the Sierpe mangrove estuary. The Sierpe river empties into the Pacific Ocean, so please note that at times the boat ride through the river mouth can be quite challenging. We are another 20 minutes away from the river mouth. Total travel time in the boat is approximately 1 – 1.5 hour’s.

The domestic airlines “SANSA” www.flysansa.com and “NATUREAIR” www.natureair.com fly daily to Drake Bay and Palmar Sur (travel time about 45 minutes). You continue your trip by taxi and boat to our lodge.

We recommend traveling by SANSA because they offer direct flights from the international airport with a very modern and safe fleet.

To obtain a special discount that SANSA offers to our customers, please book your flight using the assistant below:

If you need assistance, please let us know.

From Sierpe to Drake Bay

The boat ride from Sierpe to Drake Bay takes you about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. On your way down the Sierpe River you can look at idyllic mangroves, seabirds and maybe crocodiles. After about 45 minutes you’ll cross the river mouth and continue your trip inshore for about 20 minutes more, until you’ll reach the beaches of “Las Caletas”. BE AWARE!: Your feet will get wet as soon as you get out of the boat!

Leaving Las Caletas will basically be the same as getting here but in reverse.